My current – and final project for art foundation – will be exploring the theme of rebirth, by seeing how it is represented in various contexts; both religious and scientific. The concept of rebirth occurs in almost all major religions, such as resurrection and judgment day for the Abrahamic religions, and reincarnation for Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism. In the scientific world, rebirth is a crucial aspect of biology in life cycles and transference of biomass, and appears in astrophysics, in theories such as the “Cyclic Universe Theory”. I am also investigating the wider context and ramifications of the idea of rebirth, such as Mind-Body Duality, and the possibility of higher planes of existence.

 I am interested in using ceramics to express the concept of rebirth, particularly through the Japanese technique of smashing ceramics and gluing them back together with gold, which is called “Kintsugi” or “Kintsukroi”. My intention is to produce a short film depicting this technique, showing the smashing of a pot which I have laboured over, and perhaps another short film involving someone entering and emerging from a body of water repeatedly.

I am really excited to begin this project, and I’ve been watching Oxford University Philosophy lectures to broaden my understanding of these themes. I have been researching ceramic techniques and artists such as Lucie Rie, and considering the use of installation by looking at catalogue-type books such as Vitamin 3-D: New perspectives in sculpture and installation (Adajania, N., Pedrosa, A., Hopman, L., Hoffman, J. and Press, P. (2009). London: Phaidon Press.). Two weeks ago I was in Berlin, and was really inspired by my visit to exhibitions and Galleries such as the Bauhaus Archive, the Hamburger-Bahnof, Jackson Pollock’s Mural at the Deutschebank Kunsthalle, and Peter Puklus’s Epic Love Story of a Warrior and Stephen Shore’s Retrospective at C/O Berlin.

My plan now to to further research artists and the concept for my project, and to begin working with ceramics again to produce a finished pot to use for “Kintsugi”.


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