Duality: Week 4-6

These past few weeks have been a bit crazy; I went home for Easter weekend, then went to Paris to visit my best friend, then I was working on installing Michael Beutler’s Pump House at Spike Island (on Tuesday-Sunday until 16th June, check out http://www.spikeisland.org.uk for details about workshops within the exhibiton over May Bank Holiday), so I’ve only been at college for 2 days. Boy oh boy have I been a busy little bee.

Paris was really inspiring, particularly Palais de Tokyo and the Pompidou Centre (I was really excited to find an installation by Karla Black and an Olafur Eliasson sculpture). The Picasso Museum had a brilliant exhibition of his sculpture on and I also enjoyed Musee d’Orsay and Petit Palais, although I must say Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature (which my tutor suggested I go to) was fucking weird and not worth the €6 entry.

This week I’ve been working on my Resurrection series of pots; I’ve thrown all 5 bottles and turned 3 of them, and gotten good footage of me kneading, throwing, and turning for the accompanying documentary. All but one of my glaze experiments from before Easter have been fired; I was happy with the stoneware glazes but was really disappointed with the underglazes, as they came out patchy and duller than expected, therefore I am going to wait and see how the earthenware glaze came out, and if it is nice and bright this is what I will use for my pots. I’m not texturing them with slip, so I might experiment with a feldspathic, volcanic or salt glaze to see if I can achieve a nice texture that way. Each smashed pot will be stuck together with a different colour of glitter glue. I’m still on the hunt for a gross vase from a charity shop to try out the smashing/gluing with glitter technique.

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After reading Wake Up by Jack Kerouac, I’ve decided to use this as the working title for my short film on reincarnation, and have planned a mobile-style hanging sculpture as part of the set, and will then be hung in corner for my final exhibition, and have the film projected through this. It will have pieces of wood crossed over and strings hanging down from it with balls of tissue paper or fabric. Working with Michael Beutler has influenced me to want to use recycled materials and not wasting, so I will use bamboo and fishing wire from college and buy the tissue paper or fabric from the scrapstore. My next post will have images of sketchbook scans and a maquette I am currently building for this piece. On Thursday I went to Leigh Woods to scout out filming locations, particularly trees with accessible branches 2-3 metres high and at a 45-135 degree angle to the trunk. I didn’t get a chance to look at Abbots Pool (which featured in the tv series Skins), where Hannah (after dancing under my hanging sculpture and exploring the woods) will leap into. I’ve been watching lots of short films (some good, some shit) to get inspiration for camera shooting and angles (this will only be the second film I have ever made) but right now is all about preparation, planning and getting everything sorted so we can shoot this 5 minute film in one day. Grimes’ music videos have been really influential to me, as they are usually very dreamy and the focus is on her and her movements, like Oblivion, but also there is a great aesthetic to them, such as Genesis. Her music is also ethereal at times (particularly from her album “Visions”) so I would like to try and create dreamy, electronic instrumental music on Garage Band as the soundtrack to the film, as I originally planned to have the dancing scene with music, with a different style of music for each loop, but I would rather have my own music for it.

Seeing the Michael Beutler’s finished installation at Spike Island has also influenced me, as it is all about the process of making, particularly as he installs televisions playing films of the making of other installations, and drawings and maquettes. This is what I want from my film following my resurrection ceramic series, I want it all to be about the act of creating, then destroying, and then rebuilding.


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