Duality: Week 10-12 END

In these past few weeks I have finished my ceramics series and edited my films, both “Wake Up” and the documentation of the process of Kinstugi.

Editing “Wake Up” was trickiest, as I hadn’t used Premiere Pro or GarageBand before and had only edited one film, using iMovie, and the last time I used music editing software was years ago. There were a couple of clips that I didn’t use, as they had been filmed using a shoulder mount and there was too much rocking to have the dreamy effect that I wanted. When I began editing it I had some background sounds of birds which was 2 looped audio clips from what I had filmed on my DSLR. I intended to rerecord it on a sound recorder and microphone from college and have that as the soundtrack for the first sequence, and then to have the music begin when she started to dance. I decided not to do this though, as the music looped anyway and I wanted the music to represent the flow of consciousness from one body to the next, which is why the footage is the same (just shorter clips) for each loop or reincarnation but the music changes slightly each time. I started off by making a loose demo for the film but this didn’t work as it would have been a lot of effort to change the speed of the clips to match the tempo of the music, and it didn’t fit at all, so I had to finish editing the film, get the clips into multiples of 2 seconds (as it was 120bpm at 4:4 so each bar was 2 seconds long) and export the unfinished film, then import it to GarageBand so I could fit the song to the music. I only kept the original sound clip from the very last shot, where she wakes up and gasps.

Here you can see how I edited the colours, as I wanted it to be ethereal because it is meant to represent how life is the great dream from which we must wake up. The last shot, the colours are more lifelike but I did enhance the vibrancy still. When I first started editing I had no clue what I was doing, and tried to have a cross fade on every shot in the first sequence. This was obviously too much, and made the film way too busy, so I redid it with no transitions.

There is a link to the finished film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4pDmwkRhWA

I’m really happy with it.

I also love how my Kintsugi series came out. It’s a lot different to how I initially visualised it, as I wanted bright glazes and glitter glue, but what I produced it very beautiful and I am happier with it. IMG_8204Kinstugi

Before and after the smashing.

I was a bit reluctant to smash them at first, because they had taken so long to make and I loved them, but I realised this is why I had to do it, because I was exploring resurrection, and this linked with Christians’ belief that God made them, loved them, and they had to die, but they get to live again on judgement day. Smashing them was actually really hard because the clay was quite thick. They took some bashing but I got there in the end. I used plastic adhesive to glue them back together which worked fine, and applied it with a palette knife. After it dried I glued on the gold leaf with more adhesive, which was really tricky as it was so delicate. Editing the film was easy, as I just cut down the clips to get about 5 minutes of footage, as it was only meant to be a documentation. After watching Mary Flower’s film for “Art from Elsewhere” I realised it was really important to not let the shots be too long, as it will be super boring and no one will want to watch it, like I felt about her film. It had too many long, self indulgent shots.

For my final exhibition, I originally planned to hang up my sculpture and to project my film through it, but because I had to put the film on the showreel for the film room I will just hang it in a corner and place my Kintsugi series beneath it on the floor. I have now finished my project and our exhibition will open on the 24th of June at Bristol School of Art, Queens Road.


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