BA Fine Art, Year 1, Term 2, Weeks 7-10: Metaphonica III and The Empress: Prologue

Ok so the past 3 weeks have literally been INSANE, had my Unit 2 resubmission (missed it first time round because I was in Australia… oopise), Unit 3 submission today, a group crit, essay, and I performed at ‘Metaphonica III’, and experimental sound event at Central St Martins.

DSC05680 copy
Ultimate Dyspraxia Report. 2017. Performance, 5 minutes.

My initial proposal was to learn a song on bass on stage with a written piece projected behind me; it was intended to explore the relationship between my struggle with playing instruments due to my dyspraxia and sexism I have experienced within the DIY music scene. This felt too explanatory, so I was just going to have my dyspraxia report from an assessor displayed behind me, but there was a technical problem so none of my work was projected. Furthermore, I had issues with my bass which meant the sound was very quiet. In future, perhaps I will do smaller scale performances where I have more control over technical aspects, so I can learn to deal with things myself.

The Empress: Prologue. 2017. Film, 4 minutes.

This film is a work in progress, and shows Jess taking the role of The Empress – my higher self, as she uses objects from my life, in this reality, in a ritual to descend to this dimension. I used the green screen for the first time, and the Black Magic camera – however I had the exposure too low so I need to edit the luminosity and saturation further, to eliminate the desaturation. Furthermore, the current sound it just what was recorded in the studio, which was very noisy, so I plan to use Audition to edit the sound track. The ritual is based off of Wicca spellcasting, which I have been researching, and the background is a photo of a mountain forest in the rain, the one that inspired Petrichor. I used a similar technique to my first Empress film in warping the objects – using masks and Wave Warp or Turbulent Distortion; the idea was for the objects to be ceremonial, indexical of my life at the current moment in time. It is called Prologue as I intend to develop this project further, by showing how The Empress or my consciousness has risen/will rise through the 7 levels of consciousness, in a film of 7 chapters.

Watch The Empress: Prologue here!

So anyway, that’s this term done!! Now for 6 weeks of reading, painting, photo taking and chilling.


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