Waste of Space-Time: November 2015 – January 2016


Intaglio print produced with card on paper using the “poor man’s etching” technique. Ink on paper. Approx. (21.0cm x 21.0cm).  Inspired by scientific diagrams of space-time curving around objects of large mass and David Hockney’s illustrations for ‘The Man with the Blue Guitar’ by Wallace Stevens. Created for the project “Waste of Space-Time” December 2015.Image 6 (Intaglio Print)

Installation at Bristol School of Art. Textile, bamboo, wire. Dimensions variable, 3 pieces, each approx. (130.0cm x 160.0cm). This consisted of 3 sheets of found fabric embroidered with a grid pattern and then hung using bamboo harvested from the school garden and wire, left for 2 weeks. The thread used was different for each sheet: green/pink, blue/orange, and yellow/lilac, was used to machine-embroider a grid, and create folds, whilst dissolvable fabric was used to create netted holes. Inspired by Einstein’s theory of special relativity. Created during the project “Waste of Space-Time”. December 2015 – January 2016.

Continuum 3

Continuum 1

Continuum 2

Cyanotype taken of Continuum. (21.0cm x 29.7cm). Produced in a workshop for the project “Waste of Space-Time”. December 2015.

Cyanotype - Continuum

Long exposure photographs, exploring the concept of the present only being 3 seconds long. Digital Photographs. December 2015.Brandon Print 6

Brandon Print 5

Brandon Print 4

Brandon Print 3

Brandon Print 2

brandon print 1



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